It is shocking to see that there are salon owners that still do not like the idea of online booking systems. Is it because booking systems are too hard to manage? Or they do not want to switch away from traditional ways of online booking, the most popular ones are email and phone booking. Well til 10 years ago that could have made sense, but now in the world of mobile apps and a wide range of smartphones equipped with the modern browser it makes more sense to offer online booking.
We tested many booking systems to have an idea of what they are missing and what cause salon owners to decide not to switch to online booking, the first major thing was complexity, yes most of the online systems we tested were not that user friendly, the other major thing we noticed was the cost, a variety of online booking system were on different pricing scale, and it is easy to say that they were not cheap, with one booking system charging as high as 150 US dollars per month, this is insanely high price. And in case you don’t get enough booking request online, that would be a waste!
Many salon owners were talking about online booking systems on various online forums and asking for opinions, their main focus was price and user-friendliness, well there are some companies offering user-friendly booking systems but of course not on a cheap price. That is exactly we came to play. We built keeping in mind true user-friendliness and of course the price, in our case we offer all the main and widely needed functionalities completely free! Isn’t it super cool? We already got a bunch of testers testing our system and we loved the feedback and appreciation, we were gladly listening to them and acting upon their feedback, the end result is an awesome appointment scheduling system with a lot of features and solid administration system.
Conclusion: In case if you are still wondering what makes different and better than other booking systems then please create a free profile and see for yourself!