online booking system

From past decades, there are significant changes that occur in the business system. From handshakes to pen, business deals become digitalize. Websites have replaced the places of physical offices. Everything has been changed dramatically. 

Online Booking System

It is online software that allows your customers to book appointment, reservation and pay for your services through websites. This means when your potential customer decides to book a trip, reserve dinner table or take an appointment from the doctor and pay the bills of services, all these processes are handled online. The free online booking system is a great way to reduce the workload and double-checking of all booking. 

Booking online system mainly serves two benefits to you.

  • First and the most important is you only have to integrate all bookings in 1 system. 
  • The list of your potential customer’s increase because you are providing easy-to-use user experience. 

No matter which type of online booking system you need. By keeping in mind above mention two goals, you can choose the functionality and theme of your online booking system. These points help you to decide whether an online booking pp will work for or the appointment scheduling app. 

What type of features you should look into free online booking system before customizing one for you. 

Features of the online booking system:

There are multiple features of an online booking system that can make your scheduling app the best source of booking appointments and reservations. 


Your free online booking system must carry an integrated calendar that helps your potential customers to learn about available periods. In this way, they can directly book for their desire period, and you don’t have to explain every customer about the details of available rooms and their prices. 

Payment options:

Cybercrimes are increasing day-by-day and most of the people not feel comfortable to leave their personal credit card details on the website portal. Make sure your free online booking system also supports other payment options such as PayPal, pioneer, and iDeal. 

Coupons, gifts, and discount vouchers:

With coupons, discounts and gift vouchers, you can push the activities of effective marketing. With giveaway codes, you can track the performance of the potential market. 

Real-Time Booking:

Time has been changed, now you don’t have to follow full-length instruction to make a booking. The free online booking system has reduced this online procedure to minimal clicks. Make sure, your online booking portal is up-to-date and deliver immediate booking confirmation to the customers. 


Not everyone can understand the same language. Make sure your free online booking app is providing multi-language options for the customers of different countries. 


From all around the world people are making appointments from your appointment app. No one wants to see annoying messages from their customers that they are facing difficulties in making payments. Make sure you are directly providing information so they can understand it without any tension. By adding the “select currency,” you can increase customer’s performance on your online portal. 

Email automation:

As mentioned above, no one wants to spend their precious time sending emails to customers about their booking. By sending automated email option, your free online booking app will send automated confirmation notification to your guests without your involvement.

These are the advanced features that made your free online booking system to stand out on the internet.