Yoga has become one of the most popular health and fitness trends in recent years, especially after the social media revolution, there are tons of yoga-inspired famous people on Instagram now! Well, yoga is the proper way to boost your energy and take your stamina to the next level, not only fitness conscious people but people of all ages and fitness levels are adopting to yoga. And as a consequence, the demand for Yoga instructions and yoga studios have increased significantly. There are many yoga studios especially if you are living in Europe or the USA.
So we did good research on how people are approaching yoga instructors and studios, the first thing is, of course, the might Google, the second is word of mouth, so a good yoga studio should have a nice website and most importantly a good booking system. That is exactly where HereWeBook plays its role. Luckily we now have few yoga instructors and studios on board since our launch a few days back.

free yoga booking system

Already got an account at HereWeBook?
If your yoga business already has an account at HereWebBook then it is a good idea to categories your offerings, here are some popular yoga categories:

  1. Ashtanga
  2. Vinyasa
  3. Kundalini
  4. Hatha Yoga
  5. Hot Yoga
  6. Restorative Yoga

Make sure to add relevant pictures for each category, however, it is not mandatory but highly recommended to make your categories highly visual. Also try not to add extra details in the title because it might disturb the layout, instead add details in the category description.
For packages we require an image, make sure to choose an image having good resolution, your package could be featured on frontpage if you set a special discount price, this way your business could get a lot of attention especially for the new customers.
Employee management:
We got that covered, your free booking system comes with the possibility to add unlimited employees, that way you can easily assign categories to your employees, this is a good feature for yoga studios, because some employees could be specialists in some areas and by assigning them to categories you can limit booking requests to specific employees. Of course, time management of your employees is also an important feature, we recently introduced this feature to manage the weekly schedule of your employees. For any concerns or technical support please contact us directly from the administration system. Happy booking!