It’s a proven fact that physical well-being is the key to mental happiness. Yoga and physical exercises provide fitness to the body as well as mental calmness and spiritual well-being, thus optimising mind potential for receptivity to joy. Yoga provides ability to the body and the mind to cope with various kinds of stress that we face in our everyday life-environmental pollution, job pressures, problems in inter-personal  relationships, unhealthy lifestyles to name a few. Thus, well-being has become the word of the day and to achieve that most people resort to the services of fitness and yoga studios providing training in physical well-being, dance courses, yoga, Pranayama, meditation, chanting, lectures on philosophy and so on.

booking system for yoga studios

Booking an appointment only a step away

Given the perks of staying fit and healthy, fitness and yoga studios have cropped up in most parts of the world today. More and more people enroll themselves to these classes to maintain their regular exercise routine. Therefore, these studios resort to registering themselves with various appointment booking systems to book appointments regarding the training sessions of their clients. Most studios offer the opportunity to their clients to resort to online booking so that the hassle to book an appointment by personal visit to the studio can be avoided. Online booking can be in the nature of both paid and free booking system. Free appointment scheduling system software can be a little rare to find, with only some basic software systems and limited versions of larger scheduling software systems providing this facility. is an appointment scheduling software and online booking platform that aids customers in identifying bookable businesses near them with regard to hair salons, spa massages, yoga and fitness studios, dry cleaning, therapist and health professionals, dance sessions to name a few. They provide both free as well as paid booking services to businesses and clients.

Multidimensional benefits of online booking and scheduling systems

The convenience of online appointment scheduling systems is indeed noteworthy- apart from avoiding the hassle of personal visit to a fitness studio to book prior appointments/training sessions, the system enables the customers to book their services online and also provides other benefits such as appointment reminders in the form of e-mail alerts and SMS notifications, cancelling or rescheduling appointments, and online billing for services without having to contact the fitness or yoga studio.  Some appointment scheduling systems also allows the customers to decide on the strength of the class they want to join in (one, few or many) and particular yoga or fitness instructors they would like to choose from. All these features indeed provide for utmost client satisfaction and employee experience; enabling clients hassle free booking and training sessions, and the businesses to operate smoothly with an easy-to-use system booking, payment and client management modules. is a new generation booking schedule providing fitness and yoga studios free booking of employees who are assigned according to special categories of exercises or yoga asanas. More and more such scheduling systems are emerging worldwide to facilitate interaction between the fitness studios and their customers.